Welcome to the Photoshop Scripting Cookbook!

This website's intent is to collect and share commented code snippets coming from the Adobe Photoshop Scripting and the independent ps-scripts.com forums.

Founded in 2005, ps-scripts.com has been maintained by Mike Hale, who passed away in late 2014. The forum's archive is an invaluable source of information, discussions, and snippets. To date, the original domain is no more active due to Mike's passing, but it is still available as a snapshot (dated May 2015) in the Archive.org website.
This collection is also a tribute to Mike's legacy, trying to preserve and make the most of his and all the forum's excellent contributors work over the years.

This website is a work in progress in a very alpha stage, so please bear with us if it's still missing important content and proper styling. More than just inspiration comes from the great Coffeescript Cookbook.